Clean and Accurate Voter Rolls and the ERIC System

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Ensuring elections are fair and equitable includes maintaining clean and accurate voter rolls.  The Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) system was developed to cost-effectively assist states in maintaining clean rolls while alerting states to potential new voters. It had wide bi-partisan support for years. 

ERIC is a nonpartisan membership organization comprised of state election officials from around the United States who have chosen to opt into ERIC, and the states that do so make up ERIC’s funding. At this time, 26 states and Washington, DC, are members. 

ERIC helps election officials with several tasks, including:
  • Updating voter rolls to reflect voter relocations and deaths;
  • Facilitating the registration of new voters; and
  • Improving the accuracy of state voter rolls. 


In 2020, Florida joined the ERIC system. In 2022, Florida used the ERIC system to improve the accuracy of voter rolls.  In 2023, Florida withdrew from ERIC. 

What are the basic types of voter fraud?  How does the ERIC system work and how does it benefit keeping clean rolls at less cost?  What fraud can it catch and what can it now?  What results has the ERIC system had in previous years? Is it possible Florida will reenter the system?


Shane Hamlin, Executive Director, ERIC – Shane Hamlin is the Executive Director of the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC). ERIC is a nonprofit, nonpartisan membership organization dedicated to helping states improve the accuracy of America’s voter rolls and increasing access to voter registration for all eligible citizens. Shane has worked in elections policy and elections administration at the state and national level for over 17 years.

Mike Bennett, Manatee Supervisor of Elections – Mike Bennett was elected to Manatee County Supervisor of Elections in November 2012 and re-elected November 2016. Mike served in the State Senate, initially being elected in November 2002 and left the Florida Senate in November 2012 due to term limits.


Sep 11 2023


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