Hot Topics – What You Need to Know about Florida Gun Laws

As a new legislative session approaches, discussions and requests for changes in gun laws are being proposed. Many of us are still unclear about current laws as well as being unaware of what may be proposed in the next legislative session and their implications. 

This educational program will cover:

* Common Language – Constitutional carry, permitless carry and unrestricted carry, open carry and concealed carry, sanctuary city/county for guns defined

* Current FL laws explained

* The current state/direction of guns and gun violence in Florida

* Implications of the Supreme Court of the United States Bruen case

* What’s expected in FL 2023 Legislative session

* The implications for Floridians and possible result of the law changes

* What we can do


Our dynamic speaker, Patricia Brigham (Patti) served as President of the League of Women Voters of Florida from from 2018-2021. She formed and chaired the League’s statewide Gun Safety Action Team and co-founded the former Florida Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence.

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Feb 13 2023


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Zoom Teleconference