Increasing Voter Participation

February 14, Noon – 1:00 on Zoom

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Get the facts.  What motivates voters, what presents barriers?    

For the nation’s democracy to function properly and for government to provide fair representation, all eligible Americans must have the opportunity to vote—and be encouraged to do so. How can we improve voter participation? There is no silver bullet, but employing a variety of strategies can improve participation.  Join this program and learn what motivates voting and what can be done to increase voter participation.  Our speakers are: 

  • Carolyn Sheets, Voter Services Chair of LWVMC – Carolyn will be covering voter participation in Manatee County looking at it from a variety of factors.  Statistics would include: midterm vs presidential vs primary, age and  party affiliation. How do we compare with the state or nationally? What are our strengths and weaknesses?  
  • Frank Alcock, Professor of Political Science, New College.  Frank will inform us on pro-voter policies and practices that America can use to improve participation by voters.  Also, what civic engagement tools will encourage voting.  What works and what does not?  Frank is always an informed and an engaging speaker.
  • Rev. James T. Golden, Chairman of Manatee School Board.  Reverend Golden will speak about the legislation the school board spear headed to include voter education in civics classes as well as other efforts of the school district to prepare our graduates to be informed voters and engaged citizens. 

Join the League of Women Voters of Manatee County


Feb 14 2022


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm