Manatee County Land Use, Planning and Development Training

By Florida statute Manatee County is required to have a comprehensive plan that “shall provide the principles, guidelines, standards, and strategies for the orderly and balanced future economic, social, physical, environmental, and fiscal development of the area that reflects community commitments to implement the plan and its elements.”

Decisions are being made at every County Commissioner Land Use meeting that should comply with the comprehensive plan, but many of us find it hard to understand how development is planned, how decisions are made and how to find information about future land use development so that we can participate in the conversation and inform the decisions being made. 

In this educational program former land use planners and Commissioners Betsy Benac and Misty Servia will be:

  • providing a background of land use law and regulations in Florida and relevant case law.  
  • discussing what a comprehensive plan is as well as topics such as the land development code, concurrency, etc. 
  • covering the public participation process and how to access documents and specific land use cases, rezones, etc.
  • answering your questions about land use, planning and development.

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Feb 22 2023


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm


Zoom Teleconference