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Do you think the presidential candidate who wins the most votes should become the president? Learn about the National Popular Vote (NPV), a multi-state agreement that would ensure that the winner of the popular vote also wins in the Electoral College AND becomes President.

Join us for an informative and engaging program where we will learn how NPV works, it’s benefits and challenges, and its prospects. Minnesota is the most recent state to join the Compact (in 2023). You will also hear from a political expert and key player moving Minnesota to join the compact.  Finally, you will learn about efforts in Florida to make NPV a reality.

Don’t miss this opportunity to find out how you can help make every vote count in presidential elections.

Our speakers are:

Daniel Lishansky is the Chair of the Palm Beach County District of Floridians for National Popular Vote, a non-partisan organization partnered with the League of Women Voters. He also sits on the Statewide Steering Committee of Floridians for National Popular Vote.

Patrick Rosenstiel is a nationally recognized figure in the world of public affairs, international relations, public relations and market research. Having cut his teeth in the campaign world, including the Forbes for President campaign, Pat brings nearly two decades of senior level public affairs expertise to the table. In addition to an incredible resume of public service and political knowledge, Mr. Rosenstiel presently serves as a senior consultant to the National Popular Vote campaign.

Deb Mazzaferro has been an advocate, Subject Matter Expert and founding member of Floridians for NPV since 2017. Deb’s role includes building coalitions, marketing and legislative advocacy.


Feb 12 2024


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm