CANCELLED Steve Hough, Florida Fair and Open Primaries on Amendment 3

This presentation will be rescheduled when we can obtain an appropriate speaker against the Amendment so we have both a pro and con

Constitutional amendment 3, on the November 2020 ballot would open the state’s primaries to the 3.4 million independent and minor party voters who are currently locked out of them.  The vast majority of the NPA voters were millennials and the trend away from party affiliation is clear. Florida’s closed primary system is a hindrance to voter  participation in the primaries, perhaps this is why Florida averages only 23% vote in primaries as compared to a national average of 37%. Voters are paying for the primary with their taxes, but approximately 1/3 are locked out from voting in the primary.  

Hear from Steve Hough, our speaker, the work and cooperation that got the amendment on the ballot, the reasons for open primaries and what the efforts are to get the amendment passed. Ask him questions.

Our speaker, Steve Hough, is one of the main people behind the grassroots effort that resulted in the amendment being on the ballot. Steve is the director of Florida Fair and Open Primaries (FFAOP).

Steve took over as Director of FFAOP last March. A retired accountant who spent 22 years working at a printing company, Steve never had direct experience working in politics, but has long been frustrated by it — especially as an independent voter.

After retirement, Steve wanted to create change for frustrated Floridians like himself. After becoming Director of FFAOP, he met with OP President John Opdycke and informed him of Florida’s Constitution Revision Commission. They decided to seize the opportunity and spearhead a campaign to push for an open primaries amendment—and the rest is history.

Since taking the helm, Steve has grown FFAOP’s base of volunteers, helping the movement gain momentum and taking advantage of the rare chance to amend Florida’s constitution.

To view the League of Women Voters of Florida 2017 Open Primary Study Kit, click here.


Sep 15 2020


5:30 pm - 6:30 pm




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