Sustainability in Action Roundtable – Managing Stormwater to Reduce Coastal Pollution: A Comprehensive Approach

The Florida House in Sarasota has assembled an impressive panel for this timely program. Stormwater management and water quality are important to the economic and environmental health of cities like Sarasota. Rainwater must be intercepted or purified by engineered or ecological systems to avoid transporting nutrients that would contaminate beachfronts, impair fishing and foster red tide.  A panel of experts from the greater Sarasota area and the national stage will describe the benefits of a comprehensive approach to stormwater management as an example for coastal cities worldwide.

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Charles C. Reith
President, Florida House Institute Board of Directors


Stacey Isaac Berahzer
CEO, IB Environmental

Sandy Gilbert
Chairman/CEO, START (Solutions to Avoid Red Tide)

Jennifer Shafer
Shafer Consulting and the Science and Environment Council

Jon Thaxton
Senior Vice President for Community Investment, Gulf Coast Community Foundation