Florida League’s 38th Biennial State Convention

  • The Florida LWV convention is every 2 years and attended by individual league delegates who vote (Manatee is entitled to 8).  All members may view. At the convention, the below activities will take place.

  • Elect your Board of Directors for the next two years. 
  • LWVFL budget will be voted on at Convention. 
  • Now this is straight from our bylaws, “The program of the LWVFL shall consist of; action to implement the Principles and positions of the LWVUS and LWVFL; and those state governmental issues chose by the Convention or Council for concerted study or concurrence and action.” Click here to view recommended and unrecommended program proposals.
  • At the Convention learning opportunities such as workshops and caucuses, will occur as well as celebration of  our Florida chapters by recognizing them with awards.


Jun 04 - 05 2021


All Day