Water Quality and Supply

Hot Topics – Water Quality and Supply
Monday, October 11, noon
Bradenton Women’s Club, 1705 Manatee Ave W


Our area’s water supply and quality is under threat.  In a recently released study of Southwest Florida water quality impairment assessment, Manatee County topped a nine-county list for worst overall water quality outlook.   The report used data collected by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection between 2018 and 2020 to gauge factors that impact water quality tracking increases in the number of contaminated water bodies as well as pollutants like metals, fecal matter and excess nutrients.  It also measured contributing factors to pollution over time such as population growth, agriculture and new development. The counties were ranked based on trends towards poorer water quality.

Then there is the issue of supply. The majority of water utilities in Florida have historically relied on groundwater for their drinking water supply.  As the state’s population has grown over the past several decades, so did the demand for water. What is the status of Floridan aquafer and has it been over-allocated? What portion of our water goes to homes, agriculture, industry, mining?   Will the utilities provide more sustainable solutions for future generations?

Get answers to these and more questions.  Panelists to be announced shortly.


Oct 11 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm