Women’s Equality Day – 1920 adoption of the 19th Amendment, “the right to vote shall not be abridged on account of sex”.

On this date we commemorate the anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment. The fight for the right to vote is ongoing and the League of Women Voters is working to protect and expand that right to all citizens.

Women’s Equality Day 2021: A Message from LWV President Dr. Deborah Turner

 The Equal Rights Amendment – Congress needs to remove the date restriction for the ERA to pass. For more information go to https://www.lwv.org/blog/equal-rights-amendment-what-happens-now.

For the People ActThis bill will “protect voting rights, eliminate dark money in our elections, restore transparency and accountability in our government, and curb partisan and racial gerrymandering once and for all.” For more information go to For the People Act

Statehood for the District of Columbia – Since 1801, the residents of the District of Columbia have had no representation in Congress. Nor have they been able to govern themselves without interference from Congress.  For more information got to https://www.lwvdc.org/dc-statehood


Aug 26 2024


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